Project Management

Project Management

Project Management Is Accomplished Through The Application And Integration Of The Project Management Processes Of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring And Controlling.

When You’re Running A Project, You Face A Problem You Might Not Have Faced Before.You Can’t Just Outwork A Project.There’s Other People Involved. There’s Input From Senior Management. There’s Ideas From The Creative Director, From The IT Dude Across The Way And The Intern.

You Can’t Just Start And Figure Out Things On The Fly (Unless You Want To Waste Everyone’s Time).

Nope, You Need A Plan.

Let’s Break Down A Project Into Steps And Work Through Them. Here’s How It Will Look Like:

  1. Start at the End and Look Back
  2. Create a Giant To-Do List
  3. Estimate Cost & Time for each Task
  4. Give Some Structure to the Tasks
  5. Assign Resources
  6. Assess the Risks
  7. Start the Project
  8. Monitor and Adjust
  9. Hold a Project Retrospective